A Weird and Wonderful Start

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. No, that’s not entirely true. I’ve always felt that I had to write. I spent a lot of my childhood completely and utterly alone. My parent both worked. My brother is autistic and we lived out in the middle of nowhere. As my husband relishes in pointing out, I have terrible social skills. Well, look at my childhood and you can see why. I guess if you look back on it, it could be sad but I don’t remember being sad at the time.

I remember watching soap operas. Cable tv was something for rich people who lived in the city. Out in the country we had rabbit ear attenna to get our tv broadcast. My brother, Erik, was a savant about tweaking it just right to get the channel to come in.  Anyway—all we had were the major networks and public television. I could only watch education programming for so long, besides, there was all of this drama happening in shows like, General Hospital and the Edge of Night.

I became so seriously addicted at the tender young age of eight. My parents weren’t too big on the whole trip to the library so this was my entertainment. My dad had watched Days of Our Lives with his grandmother since before I was born so I believed that soap operas were an eternal thing.

So that’s where it started. Even before I thought I wanted to be a vet, or a spy, or a flight attendant like my mother wanted me to be, I wanted to write soap operas. The plots were often outlandish and bigger than life. Who wouldn’t want to create something like that?

Obviously, that’s not what ended up happening. I’m not a vet, or a spy or a flight attendant (sorry, Mom, for being such a disappointment). I’m a librarian. Long story. I’m married to a semi-famous sculptor. Another long story. With two brilliant children. Not a long story, more self-explanatory. If you met them you’d agree that they’re brilliant and somehow I had a hand in bringing them into the world. Somewhere along the way, soap operas became less immortal.

I fell head over heels in love with comic books. Believe it or not, comic books are very similar to soap operas, so it was an easy transition. Next time, I show you just how similar.


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