The Drama of Cloning


When I started watching soaps, I had to make choices. I would start my daily stories with Days of our Lives and then I would change the channel to watch One Life to Live and then General Hospital. My one true love of daytime soaps was General Hospital. I was there in the early days of Luke and Laura. The Webers, the Quartermaines, the Hardys, I knew them all and followed their lives for years. That is why I missed out on the stupendous story on the soap on the opposite channel, Guiding Light, and story of the cloning of Reva Shane.

Unable to go on any longer without his love, Josh Lewis had her cloned. He accelerated her aging so that she could assume the role of her predecessor. The clone, named “Dolly”, possibly as a nod to the famous cloned sheep, became paranoid at the sudden return of the original Reva and ended up taking her own life by overdosing on the same drugs used to accelerate her aging.  Makes a soap opera fan shake her head slowly in disappointment.

I’m not sure if I did the slow head shake when I read the X-men story about Madelyne Pryor. I probably should have but to be honest I ended up just feeling sorry for her. She was created by the villain, Mr. Sinister, as a clone to Jean Grey, after Jean had died and then died again as the Phoenix (see previous blog entry). Mr. Sinister’s ultimate goal was for Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, to fall in love with this mysterious but innocent doppelganger of his beloved Jean, to marry her and eventually conceive a child. This was a long con, taking more than a few years to reach its inevitable conclusion but comic books like soap operas are perpetual, right?

Unable to ever fully move on with his life without his beloved Jean Grey, Scott leaves his wife and son, Nathan, at Jean’s return from the dead. Poor Madelyne. Powerless and alone with a small child, she begins to lean heavily on Scott’s brother Alex, aka Havok, and they grow close. What did I tell you? Comic books and soap operas are practically indistinguishable. During this time of simultaneous abandonment and comfort, she learns of her husband’s reunion with Jean and that she is herself only a clone of that same woman. This overload of too much damaging information makes Madelyne’s mind vulnerable to takeover by a demon named S’ym. Madelyne Pryor becomes the Goblin Queen. With her new power and evil inside her mind, she confronts the original Jean Grey (see above image) and is ultimately defeated.

Poor Madelyne. She wasn’t always supposed to be evil. She was a plot device meant to put Scott into retirement. She was just supposed to coincidently look identical to Jean. Other writers took over and came up with the clone scenario and then offed the character in a very undignified fashion.  I didn’t like it, although her costume as the Goblin Queen was hot. But really, she was a mother! What about poor little Nathan Summers?

The writers had their way with Nathan too by giving the baby an incurable “techno-virus”. In order to save his life he is whisked away to the future. Weird, incurable diseases may have to be the topic of my next blog.

But don’t worry too much about Nathan.

He comes back—-as Cable.


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