When I had planned what to put in my blog this week, I thought about talking about my long term love affair with anime. Unfortunately, life has a way of throwing a monkey wrench into small plans. Sometimes more than one.  My first monkey wrench happened at my day job. I work as a cataloguer at a public library. Two of my faithful staff are retiring and I have to begin the process of hiring their replacements.

Replacements. Sometimes, that word is not the best but it has been a recurring theme in my life lately. That brings me to my second monkey wrench and the general subject of my blog this week. The publisher, RRPI,  that I had signed with to publish my novel, Executioner’s Road has decided to close.  My book, a short story that was to appear in their anthology, as well as three in progress projects, all reverted back to me. Apparently, I have more that needs to be replaced.

As I looked at my current situation, I wasn’t as thrown as I could have been. Instead of crying, I just sort of sighed and made plans to participate in the next twitter pitch party to find a replacement publisher. I kept thinking of that stupid platitude “when one door closes, another opens”. Except I kept thinking it was a window that opened. Whatever. I’m going to be fine. The only thing that I lost to this venture was time.

What I didn’t understand was that I had fared better than others. When RRPI closed down, they closed everything. Their website is closed, their contests cancelled and the books that they represented on amazon had their links shut down. Kayla Krantz, author of Dead by Morning, whom I interviewed here not that long ago, lost her book’s ranking as well as some very good reviews. She had to resort to putting her old (and I assume self-published) listing, just to keep selling. Look everyone, another replacement.

Hearing about how this event had effected a gifted author, I had to do what I could and it was relatively simple.  I installed kindle on my phone and bought her book. It was only $2 and what’s $2 when you’re helping a friend. Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t care for ebooks and it takes a lot to get me hooked but to my surprise, I got hooked and quickly. Knowing what I know from interviewing Kayla, I’m anxious to see what’s going to happen and see how this story takes shape. I’m reading her book and enjoying it and when I finish, I will leave her a review. That is all any author asks. That’s all we want and honestly, I think that’s all we need. I mean, that’s why I write fanfiction, for people to read my work and tell me about it.

Of course, selling millions of copies of our work and becoming rich and famous would be a major destination in our lives but right now, it’s about the journey. Right?

Let’s be honest, small publishers don’t have healthy life expectancies. It’s easy to blame them for building up our hopes, but you can’t say that they duped us without recognizing that they duped themselves. They had hopes too and I believe that they lost a whole more than I did in this process.  I’m going to bounce back and so will Kayla Krantz, Julie Burns, Kade Cook, Terra Beilman and Jason Pere.  RRPI is gone.  They aren’t bouncing back from this one.

Below are links so that you can support these wonderful creators.

Kayla Krantz :  to buy her book  to follow her on twitter

And remember, her book is nominated #SIBA, the Summer #IndieBookAwards  If you want to vote for it click here

Julie Burns

Kade Cook

Terra Beilman

Jason Pere

Next week, I’ll finally get to talk about anime and then I’m going back to interviewing some wonderful authors.


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