Meet Unknown Suspense Author Nicole Wilson


This week I want you to meet a fresh, new upcoming author of thrillers and suspense, Nicole Wilson. I learned a lot of interesting things about Nicole from her website, , so if you want to know where some of my questions come from…see for yourself.

Question– I’m not sure how a love for spreadsheets can go hand in hand with a desire to be a writer but you can convince me. I see that you have family support in becoming a writer. Do you think you would still want to be a writer if you didn’t have that support? What would become of Nicole without it?

Nicole–Spreadsheets DEFINITELY go hand in hand with writing! My Excel-loving heart would actually be lost without it. I use it to help me plan out my requirements for each week’s writing goals, and it helps me plot out my stories.

It would be a huge struggle for me if I didn’t have the support of my husband in my writing career. Honestly, I’m not even sure I’d be here today without his encouragement. I’d grown up thinking that writing could be a hobby, but being a full time author was just a pipe dream, and I’ve had some people try to take me away from writing. But my husband saw potential in me, saw how much I loved writing, and told me to go for it. Since he’s also a writer, he helped me along the way. I’ve also had some other family members offer encouragement along the way. Without “author Nicole”, I think my personality would be different. I’ve grown much more open to views that are not my own because I have truly lived inside a character’s head–that’s not me–for a year or so at a time.

Question–Who is “author Nicole” and how is she different from the Nicole you would be without her?

Nicole–Author Nicole has been beautifully woven with regular Nicole, so it’s hard to identify what she does, but she brings a lot of empathy. I’m able to focus into other people’s lives and understand how they feel. It also makes my life more interesting – I’m always on the lookout for how to make a story out of regular circumstances. It’s a lot of fun.

Question–Tell me what project you have been most dedicated to recently and tell us how you plan to share this with the world?

Nicole– I have been busy on three projects. One (The Grudge) is in the editing stage after I got some great feedback from an agent and the pitchwars mentors. One (Captured) is in the early editing stages and is almost ready for beta readers. And the last is my latest WIP (By Blood Alone) that I’m currently about 40K into. It’s about a homicide detective that investigates a serial killer who turns out to be closer than she thought.

All of these will at some point be sent out to agents, so after they get through the agent, editing, and publishing processes, I WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD. *ahem* I mean, the world will get to see my books. 🙂


Question 4: So your current WIP is a thriller.  Tell us about the two that are in editing stages.  What are they about and are these the typical genres that you are drawn to?

Nicole–The Grudge and Captured are also both thrillers. Thriller is my favorite genre, both to read and write. I love the fast-paced action and the small details about weaponry and combat.

The Grudge is actually intended to be part of a series I’m writing, though each book should stand alone. The only things that carry over are the characters and the central focus on emerging technologies. I love technology. I’ve been in the IT field for seven years, so it holds a special place in my heart, which is why I wanted to write books that included them. Also, everything in my books is actual, existing technology, not science fiction. But I try my hardest to make all the technology very accessible, because I don’t want people who aren’t techy to shy away from it. This book in particular is about a homicide detective who investigates robotic snipers attacking US infrastructure while struggling to lead a new team.

Captured is a standalone book, and it has stretched my writing techniques (in a good way). The two main protagonists are four hundred miles apart, so there is a lot of internal dialogue, rather than dialogue between characters, which I’m used to. But this book is about an Army veteran who runs into his supposedly dead best friend and must stop him before he leads an attack the Peruvian government.

Question–Since you write thrillers, is there a particular author whose style you hope to emulate, like Iris Johansen, J. D. Robb, or Nevada Barr? What future books are there on the horizon from author Nicole?

Nicole–I don’t have a style I try to emulate, but I have a few influences. James Rollins has been the biggest for my series. He writes science thrillers, and my series is heavily based in technology. Lee Child also drove my love of thrillers, and Joseph Finder showed me how ordinary men do extraordinary things.

For future books, I’ve got the synopsis for the third book in my series already drafted. I also have several other ideas for books, but I’m still writing my fourth, so I try not to look too far ahead.


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